In Space
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In Space


In Space is an arcade shooting game where you play astronaut in a hostile alien planet overrun by swarms.

Will you be able to survive the hordes of aliens until for 15 minutes?

This early Access:

  • One Stage
  • Incremental difficulty
  • One game mode
  • more than 30 different power-ups
  • 12 different monsters to fight with
  • A shop where you can upgrade your character stats

Final Versions:

  • Up to 5 stages
  • Bosses
  • Steam Achievements
  • Unlockable Pre-rendered Artworks and short FMV
  • Other 4 Enemies
  • New Power-ups
  • ┬áHard Game Mode

Add the game to Steam Wish List when it comes, it’ll include 5 stages.

Made by Pitigamedev


In Space is developed by PitiGameDev.

Just Have Fun!