Idle Hypermart Empire
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Idle Hypermart Empire


In Idle Hypermart Empire, you can build and manage your own hypermart empire through an idle simulation game. Your workers will start producing goods for you to sell, and you can transport the profits to the cash counter office using the elevator and eventually to your account. As you earn more profits, you can upgrade your hypermart, elevator, and warehouse. To save time and boost earnings, you can hire managers at each facility to automate tasks.

Manage and upgrade your facilities to increase production and profits. Unlock new floors using coins, activate boosts to speed up operations, and attract investors to grow your business even further. The game is full-screen and responsive, ensuring a seamless experience. With Idle Hypermart Empire, you can become a hypermarket tycoon and build the ultimate shopping destination!


Idle Hypermart Empire is developed by MarketJS.

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