Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon
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Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon


In Idle Inventor, you’ll dive into the world of industrial empire-building, where you have the opportunity to become a titan of heavy machinery and industry. Manage five distinct factories, each specializing in different types of vehicles such as cars, planes, and spacecraft.

Your goal is to expand and optimize production, ultimately growing your factory into a prosperous empire. Hire skilled managers to oversee operations, automate production lines for efficiency, and complete exciting missions to earn rewards and advance your business.

One of the key features of Idle Inventor is its idle gameplay mechanics, allowing you to earn profits and progress even while you’re away from the game. This means you can watch your empire grow and flourish even when you’re not actively playing.

With its addictive gameplay, rewarding progression system, and immersive industrial theme, Idle Inventor offers an engaging experience for players who enjoy idle games and business management simulations. Are you ready to build your industrial empire and become a successful tycoon?

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