Hero of Memory
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Hero of Memory


A different kind of text adventure.

*Some people have been experiencing slow down with the web version above. My apologies if you experience this, I have been told the download does not have this issue.*

Aphantasia is a condition in which some people are unable to visualize mental images. I didn’t realize until my teens that when someone said something like “imagine you are on a beach… see the sand, waves, etc” that a lot of people actually see that in their head. This game is a rough attempt to show visually how a person that can’t “picture the scene in their head” recalls memories. At times it can feel like sifting through a world of words to put the right ones together. Sometimes it’s an easy path to follow. While still others require a bit of a fight for the last little details.

Developed by Vimlark. 8 Bits to Infinity: Text Only Jam.

Just Have Fun!