Kitty Scramble: Word Stacks
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Kitty Scramble: Word Stacks


Are you capable of distinguishing between ‘word collect’ and ‘word colleect’, ‘scrabble’ and ‘scrable’, ‘wordle’ and ‘worldle’, ‘upwords’ and ‘upwards’? If you are, then this word puzzle is designed specifically for you!

Assist the adorable kitten in exploring the wordscapes and uncovering hidden words! Engage in a word search on the letter board and indulge in one of the finest word games! Utilize hints, search for specific words in the piles of words, and swipe your way through them to unlock them! Invite anyone to join you in playing words with friends in this free word collect game. Are you still pondering whether this word scramble is the right choice for you?


Kitty Scramble: Word Stacks is developed by Clever Apps.

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