Hemp Tycoon
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Hemp Tycoon


Since he was but a wee lad Hempy has wanted to become an Industrial Hemp Tycoon. With your help, land, seeds, sunshine and a little luck maybe his dreams will come true! In Hemp Tycoon you can plant and harvest over 30 types of industrial-grade hemp seeds, using helper items to assist in getting the best yields and most money for your hard work.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Harvesting your crop – Click on a fully grown plant (it will have a white “!” next to it) and select “Harvest.”

Cash out – Once you’ve Harvested the crop, you won’t get paid until you click the Cash Out button in the top left corner of the screen.

Cleaning up withered plants – When a plant has withered you must clear the land so you can plant anew. Click on the withered plant and select “Trash.”

Expanding your farm – Get more land, for a price. Hover your mouse over adjacent squares – if the area is highlighted, click it and select “Expand farm.”

Access new areas – Once you’re at Grower Level 2 you can access a new land area to plant more crops. The environment select can be found on the right side of the gameplay window. More land opens up at Level 10 and 20 too!

Use “Stuff” to help your crops – After you’ve reached Grower Level 4 you can buy stuff that will have various effects on your plants. Check the info screen on each one to see what effect it might have.

Don’t let your plants wither! You can check their grow and wither time by hovering your mouse over the seed icon and clicking the info button. You can also see how much grow time a plant has left by clicking on it.

Want to turn off the music but leave the sound effects on to notify you when a plant is full-grown? Click Menu in the upper right hand corner, select the Music tab, and click the pause icon next to the track name.