Gumball: Block Party
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Gumball: Block Party


Prepare for an exciting adventure in Gumball: Block Party, where you guide the mischievous protagonist through a tower of blocks. As he explores a castle in the sky, he finds himself lost and unable to escape. Your task is to assist Gumball and his friends as they navigate through a maze of colorful bricks.

This classic skill-based game puts your reaction speed and strategic thinking to the test. You must plan ahead before making any moves since there’s no turning back. Help the adorable blue cat and his companions climb the endless tower by carefully strategizing your next steps. Are you up for the challenge?

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Pro tip: Jumping on a spring will give you a bunch of points!

In Gumball’s Block Party you’ve got to keep moving. Tapping on the left side of the screen will move left, and tapping on the right side will move right.

If you run into a brick block, tap 3 times to break it and keep moving.

And if you see a spring, hop on! It’ll give you a boost.

Keep your eyes peeled to avoid falling into a manhole or off the edge.