Five Nights at Fulp’s
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Five Nights at Fulp’s


Five Nights at Fulp’s is a survival horror game where your goal is to survive each night at the Newgrounds office and some spooky character such as Tankman, Pico, Hank, and other are coming over you.

Basically a Five Night at Freddy’s with Newgrounds characters.


  • Stepford: Stepford follows the same path to your office each time and will always reset on stage.
  • Ritz: Ritz moves at random, so make sure to keep your eye on them!
  • Tankman: Tankman is elusive as he can attack from either side of the office.
  • Pico: Pico won’t bite, but he’ll trap you through the vent to steal your power.
  • Hank: Hank can hide in the dark, and sometimes completely hide from the camera.
  • Tomar: Make sure to gather his emeralds or he’ll become a very cranky boy.

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