Final Fharmacy
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Final Fharmacy


Brew up potions to save patients in an RPG style management game. A combination of alchemist, pharmacy, RPG, and Final Fantasy game.

Inspired by skillful management games like Cook, Serve, Delicious, Trauma Center, and the Final Fantasy series!

Play as apprentice alchemist who works at a pharmacy in the countryside.

Learn the recipes to mix ingredients and brew potions of all sorts as fast as you can to cure the never-ending flood of patients, who are afflicted with RPG-style wounds and status debuffs! As time goes on, more and more patients will need saving from more debilitating ailments: don’t let anyone die in this fast-paced triage simulator!

4 alternative ending depending on your choice. Will you unlock them all?

Final Fharmacy was developed by futurecoplgf.

Just Have Fun!