Fear the Spotlight
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Fear the Spotlight


Fear the Spotlight is a 3rd person PlayStation 1 inspired survival horror game where you solve puzzles, hide from the monster, and look for your  missing friend.


  • Engage in Third Person Horror Gameplay reminiscent of classic PS1 titles
  • Employ stealth to evade menacing creatures, as combat isn’t an option
  • Navigate intricate Physical Puzzles utilizing our distinctive point-and-click interface
  • Embark on an exploration of an abandoned school in search of your vanished companion


You and your friend Amy sneak into school after hours to perform a séance. Things go horribly wrong and Amy goes missing in a part of the school that was abandoned long ago after a mysterious and tragic fire. It’s up to you to explore the decrepit halls, unravel the mysterious past, and save your friend Amy.

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