Evander Holyfield’s “Real Deal” Boxing (Sega)
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Evander Holyfield’s “Real Deal” Boxing (Sega)


Step into the ring in this retro classic boxing game and fight your way up to become a World Heavyweight Title.


During a fight, each boxer has an energy meter that decreases whenever they are hit. When the energy meter reaches zero, that player’s boxer will suffer a knockdown. The meter is not affected by how much physical activity the boxer engages in (apart from getting punched). In addition, there is a meter for the boxer’s head and body, which shows how much damage each of these areas has sustained. When the head or body meters reach zero, that boxer will take much more damage when hit in that area. Regardless of how much damage a boxer receives, punches reduce a fighter’s energy bar by a consistent amount (unlike in many boxing games, where punches sometimes vary by how likely they are to knock a boxer down, causing serious damage in the process).

If a boxer has received large amount of damage to either their head or their body, and they continue to be punched in that area, the fight will soon end in a TKO. Large amounts of punishment to the head will also result in visible cuts. A TKO will also result if a boxer is knocked down three times. However, unlike in real-life boxing matches, a boxer can be pummelled for an entire fight without throwing one punch in return, but unless they are knocked down three times, or suffer extreme damage to either their head or body, the fight will be allowed to continue. Similarly, fight judges will not score a round as 10-8 unless a fighter is knocked down. The only exception to this is if the scoring of a round as 10-9 would result in a draw. In such an instance, the round will be scored 10–8 to the fighter who won the round. This system of scoring is unrealistic, because in real boxing matches, a round is sometimes scored 10-8 if one boxer has been badly pummelled. It is also possible for boxers to pause and hurl insults during a fight, such as “come on and fight you wimp!”. (wikipedia)


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