Wobbly Boxing
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Wobbly Boxing

Lets get ready to rumble, experience a fun and innovative take on boxing with Wobbly Boxing – a unique 3D game that pits you against a CPU opponent or your friend in two-player mode. Unlike traditional boxing games, the characters in Wobbly Boxing are made up of multiple spheres, giving them a playful and wobbly appearance that adds to the game’s charm.

For those seeking a challenge, compete against a friend in two-player mode and discover who reigns supreme. With user-friendly controls and dynamic gameplay, Wobbly Boxing is simple to grasp yet difficult to resist.

With its vivid and colorful graphics and lively soundtrack, Wobbly Boxing reinvents the traditional boxing game genre. Prepare to sway and sway your way to victory and become the unbeatable champion of wobbly boxing!

Made by Vex

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • PLAYER 1,
    • Left Punch: F key,
    • Right Punch: G key,
    • Double Punch: T key,
    • Block: Walk backward,
    • Dodge: Q and E keys
  • PLAYER 2,
    • Left Punch: K key,
    • Right Punch: L key,
    • Double Punch: O key,
    • Block: Walk backward,
    • Dodge: I and P keys