ENA: Decimation Journey
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ENA: Decimation Journey

ENA Decimation Journey is a fan-made game where you play as the titular character, ENA, with her best friend Moony as they explore huge ice cream tower.

Will you be able to help them get to the top of the tower?

This is a demo that only explore the first floor called the Dark Routes.


Made on the Gadot Engine:

Source Code:

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

W,S, Left Joystick Up/Down, D-Pad Up/Down: Move up and down

A, D, Left Joystick Left/Right, D-Pad Left/Right: Move left and right in UI, Rotate left and Right in 3D

Q, DualShock Circle, Xbox A, Nintendo B: Accept in UI, Skip Intro/Dialogue

E, DualShock Cross, Xbox B, Nintendo A: Decline in UI, Quit from Submenu View

J, L1: Accept, Sidestep left

L, R1: Decline Sidestep right

Escape, Select, DualShock Share, Nintendo –: Exit Game (obvs. disabled in NG)

F12, Start, DualShock Options, Nintendo +: Toggle Fullscreen