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Drone Wars

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


There’s a lot of controls, but if you’ve played Starcraft it’s almost the same: ARROWS = Scroll map, ESC = Unselect all 2x to clear chat, TAB = Reveal all armor bars, 0 (zero) = Map to mothership, 1-9 = Load drone group 2x to map, CTRL 1-9 = Save current drone group, CLICK (Unit) = Select one unit, CTRL+CLICK (Unit) = Select all of the same unit type, SHIFT+CLICK (Unit) = Add or remove unit to group, CLICK+DRAG (Units) = Select units in drag region, CTRL+CLICK+DRAG (Units) = Add units to group in drag region, CLICK (Map) = Run unit action at point, CLICK (Minimap) = Move to new map location, MOUSE WHEEL = Scroll map up and down only