Days Of Blood

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Days Of Blood

Protect the girl from the dark load.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


dont wait too much before attaking an enemy, the sword must hit the enemy or he will get you!

Move using the left and right arrows keys and attack with the classic ASD combination of keys: A for sword attack, S for shield attack (my favourite) and D for throwing the sword as a proyectile.

The enemies appear randomly from the left and from the right. To kill them, you have to know when to use each attack, since you can’t always use one type of attack or you will fail.

The -sword throw- attack allows you to hit the enemy when this is far away from you but you dont have time to run towards him.
The -shield attak- is usefull when you dont have your sword (because you throw it).
And the – sword attack- is the default 3 hits combo type of attack.

The game ends when you kill 666 enemies, if you ran out of lives (you start with 6 lives) or if the girl dies.