Crowd Eater: Idle black hole
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Crowd Eater: Idle black hole


“Crowd Eater” is a delightfully chaotic clicker game that indulges players’ darker side with a simple yet captivating concept: consuming crowds with a voracious black hole. Designed for those who revel in digital destruction and mayhem, the game combines the thrill of domination with strategic gameplay elements.

In “Crowd Eater,” players command a growing black hole, navigating it across various settings to engulf unsuspecting pedestrians and expand in size. The more the black hole consumes, the larger and more uncontrollable it becomes, allowing players to devour larger groups and wreak even greater havoc.

A standout feature of this game is its idle clicker mechanics. Even when you’re not actively playing, your black hole continues to operate, absorbing people and accumulating points. This passive progress element adds an engaging layer, as players can come back to find they’ve gathered substantial rewards.

To escalate the gameplay, “Crowd Eater” incorporates a unique business simulation twist. Players can invest their accumulated points into constructing factories and plants that produce additional mobs. These mobs can then be directed towards the black hole, enhancing the player’s ability to generate points and currency. This aspect of the game not only increases its addictive quality but also introduces strategic planning as players must decide the best ways to invest their earnings to maximize their black hole’s growth and efficiency.

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