Crimson Rite
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Crimson Rite

Crimson Rite is a small lovecraftian-like action adventure where you play as a detective trying to find the truth behind the missing women case.


  • – You can sprint and cover only when the gun is unholstered.
  • – You can cover only when there is no obstacle between you and a flat surface.
  • – When you clear a wave of enemies, your health regenerates to max value and the wave won’t respawn when you restart from a checkpoint.


Made by team cnkrtn (F.Cenk Ertan, A.Yiğit Ertan, F.Can Felah)

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • WASD / Direction Keys – Move
  • Mouse 1 / LCtrl – Unholster Gun/Melee/Fire
  • Mouse2 / RShift – Holster Gun
  • LShift to Sprint
  • Q – Cover
  • P – Pause/Options