Craig of the Creek: Stick-E-Tag
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Craig of the Creek: Stick-E-Tag


“Craig of the Creek: Stick-E-Tag” catapults players into the heart of the Creek, a wild and imaginative wilderness where children reign supreme, and adventure is around every corner. Based on the beloved Cartoon Network series, this game invites you to step into the shoes of J.P. Mercer, one of the show’s beloved characters, on a daring mission to outwit and outplay the notorious Baby Bouncers.

The game unfolds in the expansive universe of Craig of the Creek, where the titular Craig, his best friends J.P. and Kelsey, and a host of other quirky kids spend their days exploring, embarking on fantastical quests, and claiming territories within the untamed suburban wilderness they call the Creek.

In “Stick-E-Tag,” your weapon of choice is not swords or lasers but a trusty sticky hand – a toy that epitomizes the playful and inventive spirit of childhood. With this elastic and adhesive gadget, you’ll need to strategize, aim, and fling it with precision to tag the Baby Bouncers, a group of pint-sized but formidable opponents who have laid claim to parts of the Creek.

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