Craig of the Creek: Hydro Blast
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Craig of the Creek: Hydro Blast

Hydro Blast is an action-packed Craig of the Creek arcade game where you’ll join the crew in their quest to defeat a formidable robot constructed from paper and cardboard. The key to victory lies in using the power of water balloon to dampen the robot’s defenses and bring it down!

Defeat all your foes, including the crafty kids, while collecting apples to replenish your health. Aim for accuracy and hit as many targets as possible to accumulate points and achieve a high score. We wish you the best of luck on your mission and hope to see you return for more thrilling adventures. Don’t forget to share the fun with your friends too!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Take control of the character by using the right and left arrow keys to navigate and face your enemies. To launch water balloons with the slingshot, hold and release the up arrow key with precision. Quick reflexes are essential for evading incoming attacks – utilize the down arrow key to roll to the other side and outmaneuver your adversaries. Use the directional keys to navigate your desired path and stay one step ahead.