KaijuKing Must Die


KaijuKing Must Die

A horizontal shooter. Where KaijuKing has kidnapped Maple and Tiff. YOu must stop them!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


You can use the Mouse or Keyboard to play, and you can switch them anytime during game play.

–Keyboard controls–
WASD or Arrow keys to move. SPACE to fire. Press CTRL key to pause.

The game uses a password system for saves. At the end of the normal game, you get a “Main Linked” password. Use this to start a main linked game at the end of which you can get the unlock hidden character password. At the end of the hidden character game, you’ll receive “Return Linked” passwords to start a return game, which will let you reach the true ending for that character. So essentially, you’ll have to play the game five times to see the true ending for each character.

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