Chibi Inu

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Chibi Inu

Chibi Inu is a platformer game where you play as a Shiba Inu on his adventure through the fantasy world.

========= Credits ==========
Programming-Luis Luna-Wayne Zhu
Design-Luis Luna
Art-Carolee Nguyen
Sound Design & Composition-Kristen Campbell
Writing-Brandon Wilcox
Keyboard Menu Art-Hyohnoo

How to Play:

Keyboard & Xbox controller

AWSD/left joystick to move
Space/A to jump
P/X open summoning book(in check points)
J/LB to summon partner
ESC/Pause to open pause menu
C/Y to skip dialogue
Enter or Space-bar/A to select a letter on name menu
Enter or Space-bar/A in the ” ENTER” button to confirm name on name menu