Cell Machine
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Cell Machine

Arrange cells. Build machines. Destroy enemies.

Each cell on its own has a simple function, like moving or spawning other cells. But when combined, more interesting behavior emerges…

The game is based on cellular automata like Conway’s Game of Life. Atoms, molecules, cells – do they behave deterministically? And if they do, does combining them together change that?

Also the cell-based machines you make in this game can grow exponentially, literally becoming out of control.

Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2020 with the theme “Out of Control”. by Sam Hogan. In the game, you only set the initial conditions on the grid of cells. After pressing play, you can no longer control anything. Instead, a simulation unfolds, with each cell behaving based on its own set of rules..

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Rearrange cells in the build area. The goal is for them to interact in a way that results in an enemy cell being hit. Press the play button to run the simulation. Press the step button to execute one generation of the sim. Press the restart button to enable editing again.


Mover – moves in the pointed direction

Push – can be pushed in any direction

Slider – can be pushed only in one direction

Rotator – rotates adjacent cells 90 degrees each generation

Generator – Duplicates the cell behind it each generation

Immobile – Does not move in any direction, but can be duplicated by a generator

Enemy – Overlap any cell with the enemy to kill it