Bulb Boy
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Bulb Boy


A puzzle-plaformer where you play as a Light Bulb boy that must patch up his broken city that had been dark by putting the cables back in their correct places to bring back the power.


Deep in the earth, there once was a city composed of light. Its inhabitants, living light bulbs, worked together diligently to preserve their power, and keep their city glowing. But then one night, all the city’s wires mysteriously got tangled, and the light bulbs glow, fell dim.


Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • (Left Right arrows / A D / Controller-Dpad ) Moving
  • (Up arrow / W / Controller south face button ) Jumping
  • (Spacebar / Enter / E / controller west face button ) Interacting
  • (R / controller North face button ) Restarting