Bounce Floor

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Bounce Floor

Bounce Floor is a funny game where you play as a Bounce at a popular night club. Every night there are troubles that require your attention. Today a thief is on the lose and his plan is to steal from party goers.

Your job is to find him and kick him out before he robs too many? But don’t kick the wrong person out or you’ll lose and not good for business.


– The thief will always run from you. Watch out for suspicious movement.
– The thief will move all around the nightclub. Be sure to check every corner.
– Victims will start yelling. If you interact with them, they will provide you with physical clues about the thief (skin color, hairstyle, top or accessory). Follow the white arrow to find victims.
– If a client has just been robbed, the thief may still be nearby.

How to Play:

Arrow Keys : Move
Spacebar : Interact/Kick Out
Mouse : Control Menu
Escape : Pause