Blood Shift
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Blood Shift


Blood shift is a visual detective novel where you play as a worker at a blood bank suffering from amnesia that must tie all pieces.

Every decision you make is important it’ll turn the tide of the story.


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  • Vladislav Barsamov | TriBar –¬† lead, programming, narrative design, writing
  • Vladimir Moskalev | Xitriyknyaz – writing,¬†sound design, music
  • Nick Scotch | Shad(o)w – art, writing, music
  • The game was created for Vampire Jam and part of the Dark Pack agreement.
  • The music and arts were created by us during the jam, ingame sounds (footsteps, doors etc) were taken from here.

How to Play:

  • – You can select answers using your mouse by pressing the left key
  • – During the clue mechanics, drag and drop photos and phrases to build right chain and correct inference
  • -Reboot your browser or game to start over