Beast Hunter
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Beast Hunter

In “Beast Hunter,” you take on the role of the world’s last hope against menacing monsters! You’re tasked with clearing various islands of these dangerous creatures using a wide array of weapons at your disposal. As you defeat monsters, you can collect and sell resources to fund your mission.

How to Play:

  • Combat Monsters: Traverse the islands, engage in combat, and defeat monsters to collect resources.
  • Sell Resources: Take the resources you’ve gathered from defeated monsters and sell them. This is your main way to earn money.
  • Upgrade and Arm Yourself: Use the money you earn to buy new weapons and upgrades at the shop. These enhancements will make you stronger and more efficient in battles.
  • Movement Controls: Navigate your character using the W, A, S, D keys on your keyboard or a controller for movement, allowing you to explore the islands fully.

Embark on your mission in “Beast Hunter” to rid the world of monsters and realize your character’s potential to 100%. Each island presents its own challenges, making every encounter a thrilling experience. Start your monster hunting on

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