Battle Heroes 3
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Battle Heroes 3


Battle Heroes 3 is a fantasy adventure game where your goal is to save the kingdom as a mercenary for hire.

Explore the land, use magic, upgrade towers, and help to contain the waves of enemies attacking border estates.


  • ┬áDefend the kingdom, hold back the waves of enemies.
  • Three fractions (Order, Dead, Chaos).
  • Unlimited development of the hero and warriors.
  • Crafting items, features and skills.
  • Develop magic, aura, study at weapons skill schools.
  • Defend the city, attack caravans and free the captured cities.
  • Old School Fantasy – RPG
  • Compete with other players, challenge up to 4 heroes to the tournament.
  • Raise the faction rating and chat with other players.
  • Defend the kingdom, hold back the waves of enemies.
  • Capture resource mines and upgrade defense towers.

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