Ball Tales – The Holy Treasure
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Ball Tales – The Holy Treasure


Ball Tales is a platformer adventure game where you play as a ball that must roll your way to find the holy treasure.

The sacred treasure is in peril! A band of warriors have snatched it and fled. Join an exciting adventure to aid the balls in reclaiming it. Tricky traps, lethal spikes, and blades lie in wait, but the balls are courageous. The puzzles are tough, but the balls are resourceful. Immerse yourself in this story-like journey and help them succeed.


  • 45 levels of challenge
  • Three distinct worlds to explore: Jungle, Mine, and Temple
  • Seven types of balls to choose from: Blue, Orange, Zombie, Mummy, Skeleton, Metal, and Superhero
  • Encounter numerous foes, including Bomberman, Worms, Moles, Spikey Balls, and more
  • Solve a variety of puzzles that require strategic ball rolling and block maneuvering
  • Think twice before taking action to progress through the game
  • A gameplay experience based on an engaging story


Ball Tales – The Holy Treasure is developed by Unico Studio.

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