Atari Asteroids
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Atari Asteroids


Atari Asteroids is a classic multidirectional shooter arcade game set in space.

Take control of a single spaceship navigating through an asteroid field, and be wary of flying saucers that cross your path. Maneuver your spaceship by rotating and using thrust, while blasting and destroying asteroids and saucers. However, beware, as the asteroids break into smaller pieces and drifting asteroids reappear from the sides. With each destroyed asteroid, you earn 20 to 100 points, and the game gets harder as your score increases. The big saucer shoots randomly and inaccurately, while the smaller one is precise and worth 1000 points.

Use the Hyperspace feature to teleport, but use it wisely, or you might crash your ship. Get ready for an intense and challenging space adventure!

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How to Play:

Maneuver your spaceship with precision using the arrow keys to line up your shots and destroy the hurtling asteroids. Activate hyperspeed by pressing the down key to avoid near-death scenarios. Masterful movement is key in Asteroids, as you use your thrusters and brakes to expertly navigate through the perilous space terrain.

In addition to evading deadly space debris, you must also contend with flying saucers that unleash indiscriminate barrages in your general direction. Swift movement and rapid fire are essential to eliminate these ships before their erratic firing patterns lead to your demise.