Asgard’s Fall
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Asgard’s Fall

Welcome to the epic realm of Asgard’s Fall, a captivating 2D pixel-art auto shooter rogue-like game that draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of Norse mythology! Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey as a vengeful mortal viking warrior, defying the gods themselves, and battling your way through the mystical nine worlds of Midgard to reach the fabled realm of Asgard.

Asgard’s Fall seamlessly blends elements of rogue-like gameplay and RPG mechanics, offering an immersive experience with a persistent skill tree that profoundly influences your character’s growth and development.

While currently in its early stages of development, the game already boasts an exciting array of features. With 12 unique abilities at your disposal, over 5000 randomly generated item combinations, and the vast expanse of Midgard as your initial playground, Asgard’s Fall promises hours of engrossing gameplay and endless possibilities.

Prepare yourself for an immersive and thrilling adventure in the world of Asgard’s Fall. Unleash your warrior spirit, challenge the gods, and become the harbinger of your own destiny. The fate of Midgard awaits your skilled hands and discerning mind. Let the epic saga begin!


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How to Play:

  • Move – WASD
  • Dash – Space