Fall Red Stickman
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Fall Red Stickman

Introducing Fall Red Stickman – a super fun and exciting game where you get to control a stickman character on a crazy pain filled adventure!

But wait, this isn’t your ordinary adventure. Instead of going down a simple staircase, you’re in for a wild ride where the goal is to make your stickman break into tiny pieces!  The key to success is using gravity to your advantage and timing your moves just right. The more damage you do, the more stars you earn, which means you can unlock new levels for even more fun!

In Fall Red Stickman, you’ll have a blast making your stickman run and jump to cause maximum damage when they fall. Your mission is to collect enough points to open up new levels, each with its own exciting challenges and chances for more bone-crunching fun!

It hurts so be careful next time you go down stairs.

Just Have Fun!