Adventures of Captain Comic
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Adventures of Captain Comic

“The Adventures of Captain Comic” is a pioneering platform game that was released as shareware in 1988 for MS-DOS compatible systems. Developed by Michael Denio, it was one of the first side-scrolling games designed for IBM PC compatibles, drawing inspiration from similar games on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

In this game, players take on the role of Captain Comic as he embarks on a daring mission to the planet Tambi. The objective is to retrieve three legendary artifacts: the Mystical Gems of Lascorbanos, the Thousand Coins of Tenure, and the Crown of the Ages. Each of these treasures is hidden in different, diverse environments that Captain Comic must navigate.

The gameplay involves traversing these varied terrains, overcoming obstacles, and collecting the three artifacts needed to complete the game. The game’s environments range from forests and caves to castles, each presenting its own set of challenges. “The Adventures of Captain Comic” is notable not only for its pioneering platform gameplay on the PC but also for its colorful graphics and engaging adventure storyline, setting a precedent for future games in this genre.

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