Adventure Kitty: Drill Buster
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Adventure Kitty: Drill Buster

Adventure Kitty: Drill Buster is a fast paced drilling game where you must collect coins to break barriers in unique biomes filled with dangerous enemies preventing from reaching your goal!

Updated to the Revamped version with new stuff.


  • Uncover unique environments filled with secrets as you encounter mischievous enemies and challenging puzzles on your mission to collect the element found within each biome.
  • Use quick decision making to adapt from your original plan when found in a sticky situation or see a golden opportunity to get more than what you came for.
  • Play with 3 different modes that contain that has you test your speed, planning decisions, and adaptability.
  • A bangin’ soundtrack that’s sure to get you in the drilling mood.
  • Save system so you can pick up where you left off.


Currently in development

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