Strike Force Kitty 2
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Strike Force Kitty 2


StrikeForce Kitty 2 is the second installment of Strikeforce Kitty, with a different system of levels and new outfits. Join the brave cat fighting unit.

Help them conquer the enemy foxes’ fortresses and defeat them in battle. Recruit a team of kitties, each with their own special abilities, and lead them through obstacles and challenges, collecting fish for upgrades along the way. Use the fish to power up your cute heroes and equip them for the ultimate showdown against the foxes.

As you progress, more cat fighters will join your ranks, and you can strengthen them with upgrades between levels. Get ready for a feline-filled adventure that will have you purring with excitement!


  • Foxzilla
  • Foxbazar
  • Glafox
  • Foxozord

Originally made in December 24, 2014 in Adobe flash by Deqaf Studio, not it is once again brought back to life and playable on the modern web browser.



Strike Force Kitty 2 is developed by Deqaf studio.

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