A Castle For Trolls
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A Castle For Trolls


A city-building game where you manage your village of one-legged trolls and make them thrive economically and happy.

Build castles while keeping your workers alive. Cut trees, hunt rabbits, build everything!

Optimize your economy and produce as quickly as you can — just make sure the workers have enough food!


  • Music from FreePD.com
  • Sounds from Freesound.org (edited)
  • Title font “Cardinal” from DaFont.com
  • Art, code, design: Valettus,¬†You can support the developer via this¬†page.

How to Play:

  • Move camera: Mouse drag or Left/Right arrows
  • Zoom camera: Mouse wheel or Up/Down arrows
  • Select: Left Click
  • Place Buildings: Left Click (hold Shift to repeat)