3 Kings
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3 Kings

“3 Kings” is a captivating roguelike strategy game where you are thrust into the role of a ruler with the ultimate ambition of becoming the king of kings. Set in a medieval world filled with intrigue and power struggles, your task is to build and fortify a kingdom robust enough to withstand invasions from rival kings and assert your dominance.

In this game, each decision you make impacts the development of your kingdom. You must strategically manage resources, construct defensive structures, and train armies to defend against and repel invaders. As you navigate through the challenges, the roguelike elements introduce procedural maps and scenarios, ensuring that no two playthroughs are the same and providing a fresh challenge each time.

Your leadership skills are put to the test as you engage in complex diplomatic relationships or fierce conflicts with other kingdoms. Opting for diplomacy might secure temporary peace or valuable alliances, while choosing aggression could lead to swift expansion or bitter wars. Balancing these aspects is key to your survival and prosperity.

As you progress, you can unlock new technologies, buildings, and units that can be used to enhance your strategic options. Each successful defense and conquest brings you closer to your goal of being crowned the king of kings, but remember, your rivals are also strengthening their forces and strategies.

You’re given 9 slots to forge your city into the most powerful of all kingdoms. Through an endless combination of buildings, troops, spells and positioning, find ways to break the game and become overpowered.

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