Zom Nom
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Zom Nom

Zom Nom is a humorous, 2.5D, side-scrolling platformer with puzzle elements, you can download and play on PC.

Play as a zombie named Barry as he spits and slaps your way through the sewers and streets.

Design/Sound: Jess Sealey https://www.jesssealey.com/ and James Fleming
Programming: Ashley Flynn https://ajflynn.io/ and Zach Direen
Art: Jamie Jenssen http://jamiejenssen.com/, Ned Keys and Daniel Jones
Barry VO: Rik Lagarto
Additional Sounds: Kaleb Macdonald, Sam ‘Yeeto’ James, and Jim Henshaw

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Download the zip file from the above link. Extract the downloaded file. Double click on “ZomNom” application and the game should open.