Zombie in Space
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Zombie in Space


Zombie in Space is a shooting game where you play as a sussy astronaut trying to a space station from a zombie outbreak.

Breaking News, we have a Zombie outbreak on a distant Space Station!

Good evening, Galactic News Reporters:
The HYPERION space station is facing a zombie virus outbreak caused by a traitor.
The last message from the station was “ZOMBIE AMONG US!!!”
Rescue operations are underway, and the Galactic Government’s response is awaited.

A team of courageous mercenaries has been assigned to retrieve a certain artifact from the infected station. Survive in the dead space and collect the artifact for a great reward while discovering what led to the infection’s spread and the team’s fate.
Fight against hordes of zombies using a range of weapons and try to survive in this deadly environment.

Find new weapons in crates at each level.
Upgrade characters and weapons to defeat powerful enemies.
Look for helpful characters and keep them alive until the end of the level to earn rewards.

Available in 1 or 2 player mode.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • PC controls (controls for the second player in brackets.):
    • Q (K) – change weapons;
    • W, A, S, D (arrows) – move;
    • R (L) – weapon reload;
    • E (M) – apply / activate;
    • F (J) – super weapon.
    • LeftCntrl, Space (RightControl, KeyPad 0) – shooting;
    • Mouse – look / shoot;