You Stole my Heart!
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You Stole my Heart!

“You Stole my Heart” is a captivating visual novel crafted by Saltie, which delves into the unexpected twists of Amelia’s rather unusual night. The story unfolds with Amelia waiting for her date who, to her dismay, cancels last minute via text. As if the evening couldn’t get any worse, she discovers an intruder in her home, oddly dressed in a cat hoodie. This unexpected encounter could either spiral into her worst night ever or take an intriguing turn, depending on how she handles the situation.

As the player, you are thrust into Amelia’s chaotic evening, where your choices will directly influence the narrative, leading to one of seven different endings. Each decision shapes the course of the story, offering a blend of suspense, romance, and potential heartbreak. Will you navigate Amelia towards a night of romance and adventure, or will she end up alone and frustrated?

Engage with unique characters, make critical decisions, and explore the various pathways that could lead to everything from an unexpected romance to a quiet night turned unforgettable. “You Stole my Heart” not only challenges you to manage the trials of love and unexpected visitors but also explores the emotional rollercoaster of dating in today’s unpredictable world. Can you help Amelia find a silver lining in a night full of surprises? Join her in this visual novel journey to discover how a disastrous evening can potentially turn into something extraordinary.

Made by Saltie

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