Would you still love me if I was a worm
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Would you still love me if I was a worm


“Would You Still Love Me If I Was a Worm?” thrusts players into an unconventional revenge mission where the protagonist, a worm, seeks to challenge the avian world. In this unique and humor-infused card battle game, players strategically deploy their worm army using cards to combat and eliminate birds across the globe.

The game’s standout feature is its array of ability cards, each with its own engaging mini-game. Mastery of these mini-games enhances the abilities’ effects in battle, providing a dynamic layer of strategy to the gameplay. As players progress, they can explore and conquer diverse landscapes, from the picturesque fields of Czechia to the rugged terrains of Australia.

Engage in epic card battles, enhance your strategic thinking with interactive mini-games, and immerse yourself in a world where worms rise against birds in a humorous twist of fate. This game offers not just entertainment but a challenge to players’ skills and wit as they seek global domination.

You’re on a mission to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend and her family and her family’s friends and basically just all the birds on earth… how dare they be a bird. The nerve.

The only question is… are you worm enough to beat this game? Or are you a feathered wretched, air-born contemptible, flying execrable, a progeny of the avian kingdom, descending from the regal lineage of a species that couldn’t even take a little asteroid strike without going extinct?

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How to Play:

  • Click on stuff
  • F for fullscreen