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A funny trivial game involving Wikipedia articles, where the goal is to guess between two Wikipedia articles to decide which had more views in the last 60 days or is longer.

Each time you play the articles are randomly generated

Maybe learn something new along the way.

There are 3 game Modes:

  • Arena: The “roguelike” mode. Try to reach 10 correct predictions before being wrong 3 times!
  • Endless: How many predictions can you get right before being wrong 3 times?
  • Daily Arena: An arena run that’s the same for all players each day. Do you think you can read the internet’s collective mind better than your friends? Start the daily run from the settings menu!


Fabian Fischer created the game to start exploring the “trivia roguelike” genre.  Games such as Wordle or Babble Royale show how much the “free depth” of language itself can be used for game design purposes. WikiArena applies a similar approach,  using the “internet’s meta” as its core language.

Just Have Fun!