Weapons Simulator

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Weapons Simulator

3D Realistic Simulation features realistic behavior of more than 11 SMGs and 12 Pistols.

Play shooting course or play sandbox mode.

Developed by Maloke Games

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


(SPACE) or (G) = Wield Weapon Up/Down + Lock Mouse Cursor
(Tab)= Lock/Unlock cursor
(Left Mouse) = Shoot
(Right Mouse) = AimMode
(Q) or (E) = PickUp/Interact
®= Reload
(T)= Toogle Target View On/Off
(F)= Change Fire Mode when available
(H)= Clear bullet holes
(O) = Pause Menu

*Sometimes Browser Security unlocks the mouse from the game. If this happens, just place the cursor over the game and press SpaceBar!