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Step back in time to medieval Grudziądz with Waterworks, a strategic card-based game where you are in charge of the water supply for the town.

Manage your deck of cards to ensure that every building has access to water while also gathering resources for the development of new technologies. Position your units strategically, build a network of pipes and wells, and put out fires to keep the town running smoothly. Watch the city change as you progress through the game and learn about medieval water supply. Enjoy the relaxing soundtrack by Chris Carlone while you play. Take on the challenge of mastering the game on all four difficulty levels, come up with new strategies to win in as few turns as possible, and collect all ten achievements. Just don’t let your Influence drop or you’ll lose your place in the town hierarchy!


The city of Grudziądz was founded by the Teutonic Order in 1291 in the northern part of today’s Poland on the Vistula River surrounded by wetlands. The high location on the Vistula embankment meant that the city was struggling with access to clean drinking water from the very beginning of its existence. With the growing number of inhabitants, the problem of water scarcity became an argument for the use of numerous, innovative (on a European scale) technical solutions in Grudziądz…

Developed by scriptwelder

Game is updated to 1.1.5

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