Warfare 1917
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Warfare 1917

Warfare 1917 is a war game that lets you command the British or German army during World War I. This strategy game requires you to use a mix of infantry, armor, and fire support to either capture the ground or bombard your enemies into submission. The game offers two campaigns, one for each nation, and a custom battle mode where you can set up the skirmishes to your liking.

In the game, you have access to a range of units such as riflemen, machine gunners, assaulters, officers, sharpshooters, and tanks, which can be used in both campaigns and custom mode. You can also call in support weapons like artillery, mortar, and mustard gas, but they require time to load up. The game provides a historical atmosphere by introducing nation-specific variants of units that offer unique strategic advantages based on actual historical differences between each army.

To win, you must either capture enough of the enemy’s side of the battlefield or deplete their morale by killing off enough enemy units. The AI opponent’s victory criteria are the same as the player’s. The game also expands your unit roster with every battle you win, unlocking new units and fire support. Tanks are among the last units to be unlocked and are only available to the British before the Germans.

To win in this game, you need to keep the pressure on your enemy and keep your troops advancing. A successful strategy involves using a combination of troops instead of relying on just one type. Riflemen, assault troopers, and mortar troopers should all be used as needed. Be sure to also make use of special abilities, like calling in a mortar strike. This game requires both tactical and strategic thinking, as you must carefully consider your troop deployment and options. It’s a fun game that will challenge you to think critically!

Chris Condon developed this game.

Warfare 1917 was originally made in Adobe flash and released on September 19, 2008. This game is now once again playable on the modern web browser thanks to Ruffle.rs.

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