Stick It Warfare
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Stick It Warfare


Welcome to Stick It Warfare, the super cool game where Stickman heroes are ready for action! Join their special forces team and get ready for awesome battles against enemies!

You get to pick from over 100 amazing weapons like automatic pistols, machine guns, and even grenade launchers. How cool is that?

As you play and defeat the bad guys, you’ll get experience points. Use those points to make your Stickman even more awesome by upgrading skills and weapons!

And guess what? Stick It Warfare lets you make your Stickman look super unique! You can choose different helmets and body armor to stand out and be the coolest player around.

But that’s not all – there’s a survival mode where you’ll face thousands of zombie hordes! Show off your skills and see how long you can last. It’s a test of bravery and endurance! Get ready for an epic adventure with Stick It Warfare!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • ASD – Movement Left/Squat/Right;
  • E- First aid kit;
  • Q – Change weapon;
  • R – Reload;
  • G – Throw Grenade;
  • F- Take/Open;
  • Left Shift – Run;
  • Space – Jump;
  • Left/Right Arrow – Shoot to the sides.