Vampire Overlord
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Vampire Overlord

Vampire Overlord is a short boss fighting game where you play as a Vampire Overlord that must defend and defeat the heroes that came to ruin your day.


In a world shrouded in shadow, monsters dwell. Monsters that have terrorized all living beings across the land. At the heart of this malice, lies a merciless vampire. She, is interested in nothing but power and will kill whoever stands in her way to attain it. She, is the source of this despair.

Rain, a hero of the people, a charismatic knight of the kingdom travels forth to rid the world of monsters. He eventually hopes to gain the strength to stop them at their source.


  • @Kepsert– Programming and Game Design
  • Basch – Music
  • Ewoud – SFX
  • @artstoff–  Art and Writing
  • Special Thanks
    • Jamie – Editor and Proof Reader
  • Made for The Game Jam 2022

Just Have Fun!