Turbo Era GP
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Turbo Era GP


Start a career as a formula 1 driver, select your team, tracks, laps, and computer AI strength and head to the tracks for some amazing races.

Go back in time to the 1987 grand prix season. Equipped with popping turbochargers and flame spitting exhausts. Cars, wide & low, throwing sparks everywhere when underbodies kiss the bumpy tarmac.

A reminiscent of the good old grand prix retro games.

– 10 teams and 8 racetracks from the 1987 season
– 17 ComputerAI opponents
– random breakdowns (AI only or AI & Player)
– 9 different car setups possible
– 4 AI difficulty levels
– single race or championship mode
– pitstops (for repair)

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

ARROW keys or WASD or WA & KL

Accelerate – UP or W
Reverse – DOWN or S
Steer left – LEFT or A or K
Steer right – RIGHT or D or L

Q – Toggle visual quality
U – Abort race

-If you are experiencing heavy lag, you can always press “Q” to tone down the rendering quality
-If you are experiencing slowdowns, set “Liveries” to “simple” in the pre-race options menu


Sadly, the game performs very poorly when played on Mozilla Firefox.
Also the controls will malfunction at random times.
I also experienced a freezing browser. I couldn’t figure out why…
The whole game was made in Flash, so no extra fancy stuff.
It has to be a problem within Firefox or its Flash plugin.

Playing this game on Firefox may cause frustration

Performance on Google CHROME however is just great.
You’ll drive faster lap times on Chrome !

Tap the accelerator to brake or just lift it. The car slows down quick enough.
Don’t use the reverse-keys to brake.

To an extent the game allows you to drive through tire barriers.
These mainly serve the purpose to make walls more visible on critical parts of the track.