There’s Something in the Pipes
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There’s Something in the Pipes

There’s Something in the Pipes is point-and-click puzzle game where and a very serious plumbing simulator.


You are the owner of a movie rental store.
You have one hour until your shift.
You need a shower.
The shower is full of blood.

Go figure.

More Info:

In the point-and-click horror adventure game, “There’s Something In The Pipes,” players are treated to a wholesome and lighthearted experience as they tackle the issue of a blood-filled bathtub.

You play as the owner of a movie rental store who discovers the bathtub in their bathroom is filled with blood just an hour before their shift is set to begin. Despite having no recollection of harming anyone, you need to clean up the bath and have a shower before work.

However, getting rid of the blood is not as simple as just pulling the plug, and there is no time to hire a plumber. You must scour the bathroom for useful objects and clues while seeking guidance from your friend via phone.

The game is a delightful puzzle adventure with witty dialogue, charming characters, and clever puzzles that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Despite the blood-filled bathtub, “There’s Something In The Pipes” is good, clean fun!


Made by @falselyprofound

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