The Orchid’s Edge
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The Orchid’s Edge


In “The Orchid’s Edge,” you’ll take on the role of Willow, a Dryad spirit Reaper tasked with defending the souls of the forest from the mechanical invaders known as Clunkers. Armed with her scythe, The Wild Orchid, Willow fights to protect the cycle of life and death in the forest. This is a third-person combat action platformer, and it’s up to you to decide whether Willow will succeed in her mission to save the souls, or if she will ultimately fail.


  • Graphics/ Programming –  @Cornf_Blue
  • Music/ Sound Design.  – @CFY98
  • This is a LD52 Jam Entry. View and vote for submission HERE

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • JUMP (Space, A)
  • ATTACK (Left Mouse, X)
  • DODGE (Right Mouse, B)
  • LOCK-ON (Middle Mouse, Right Stick Click)