Tetra Tower
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Tetra Tower


Behold, your enemies want your tower, use your tetrominoes to splash them out for good!

Destroy your enemies and defend your tower by using your tetromino magic!

Once upon a time, a peaceful kingdom fell into the power of darkness… It looked like everything was lost but the legend said a true hero will appear someday to face the evil: a rabbit magician was the chosen one. The magician uses the power of tetrominoes to fight the darkness. Will you save the kingdom…?

This is a challenging tower defense Tetris – use wisely your tetrominoes!

We hope you enjoy the game, we did it with so much love! ❤️ Thanks for playing and we ask you to give us feedback, please!


  • Joan Carles Vegas as the 2D animator
  • Nat Morillo as the 2D artist
  • Èric Verdalet as the programmer

Just Have Fun!